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Face Shield. Pack of 5

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Face Shield. Pack of 5

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A face shield provides protection for your eyes and protection from the spread of COVID-19. 

This face shield is designed with high-quality materials and optically clear poly resin plastic, lightweight with adjustable straps.

The face shield is approximately 9″ in length and constructed using an anti-fog P.E.T. plastic. It is recommended to use it with a disposable mask. It has 3/8″ nose separation to prevent fogging.

This safety face shield is lightweight and comfortable and is ideal for a long time wearing. The shield can be sterilized for reuse. Wash with warm soapy water for optimal cleaning.

The full face shield is Made in Canada.

About Us:
Buy and Support Local Canadian Businesses. Face Shields are available in Burlington, Ontario. PPE available locally in Burlington, Ontario.