Individually Wrapped Disposable Face Masks, Pack of 50, Blue

 Longevity Wellness and PPE is a distributor for SOLO Individually Wrapped Disposable Face Masks worldwide.

Do you have your SOLO PPE yet?

  • SOLO’s are Individually Wrapped Disposable Face Masks providing convenience and protection
  • 3-Ply Disposable Earloop Face Masks individually wrapped for your purse, car, or backpack
  • Pack of 50 individually packaged face maks
  • Stay protected with the Solo Disposable Face Mask
  • Take a SOLO, Share a SOLO protect yourself and others

 Product Details: 

  • Individually wrapped disposaoble face masks are blue with a secure fit. 
  • Disposable face mask has a protective filter layer keeping germs away
  • One size fits most adults and children with soft earloops for a comfortable fit
  • 3-Ply dispoable face mask 
  • Non-woven fabric - lightweight and breathable
  • High level civilian grade face masks, these are not suitable surgical face masks 
  • FDA, CE Certified
  • Latex Free
Keep your family, friends, employees, staff, and visitors protected with SOLO individually wrapped disposable face masks.